New Dental Hygiene Technology

You may have noticed at your dental hygiene appointment that our hygiene team has started using a new piece of equipment called the Airflow Prophylaxis Master. The technique is called Guided Biofilm Therapy, which was designed by Electrical Medical Systems (EMS) in Switzerland.

We chose to change our hygiene techniques as the research has shown that patients are better educated and motivated, experience a more comfortable hygiene appointment and have better long-term results with their periodontal health.

After reviewing your medical history and assessing your periodontal status, the hygienist will use a disclosing gel to indicate where the teeth need to be cleaned. This allows more time for problem areas and educates the patient on what kind of biofilm is being left in the mouth after brushing and flossing. The Airflow Prophylaxis Master will be used to remove the biofilm, stain and early calculus. Instead of a sodium bicarbonate powder, the Airflow Prophylaxis Master uses small amounts of erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol and has a favourable taste. Sodium bicarbonate is only used for heavy staining. If necessary, the hygienist will then use a Piezon instrument to remove older calculus. This is a different type of ultrasonic instrument in that it produces less heat and thus needs less water during use. The piezon tips are also thinner so patients often find them more comfortable than the traditional magnetostrictive (Cavitron) ultrasonic machine.

If you would like to learn more about the EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy system, please click here.